Our story is one of oilseed innovation. Built by nature, oilseeds grew to withstand the elements and protect the energy source that fuels their growth.  Through the application of a unique, gentle extraction process that alleviated the need for conventional crushing, heat and chemicals, Botaneco® was able to harness this natural, rich energy source. Unique to any other product available in the marketplace, Hydresia® Oleosomes (Carthamus Tinctorius Safflower Oleosomes) offer an all-natural performance based delivery system with enhanced emulsifying, loading and moisturizing traits within the personal care industry.

About Botaneco®

Botaneco® is an innovative, solutions focused natural ingredient manufacturer dedicated to finding new and beneficial applications for oilseed crops that deliver natural performance within the personal care industry. From our head office and production facility in Calgary, Alberta our reach extends currently to safflower and almond fields in California to research and testing labs, distribution partners on four continents, and into products of leading health and beauty brands the world over.