We're Hiring!

We believe in order to achieve our vision we must Hire, Develop and Promote Courageous Explorers, Meticulous Artisans and Difference Makers. To us that means initiative, courage, passion, pride, drive and altruism. We are looking for teammates who push boundaries to drive success. If this journey intrigues you, buckle up and read on!

Courageous Explorer

You take action with the
end in mind.

You never say
'that's not my job'.

You understand that
success begins at the edge
of your comfort zone.

You question actions
inconsistent with our
culture and goals.

Meticulous Artisan

You are inspired by the work you and the company do.

You take ownership of your work and accountability for your actions.

You bring your best self to work and focus on what matters.

You care about people, product and performance ...the little things matter.

Difference Maker

You recognize what is
needed and make it happen.

You get from 'what's wrong'
to 'what can we do about it'.

You seek to understand
first and communicate
with respect.

You do the right thing
... even when no one
is watching.


What do we offer?

Botaneco Inc. offers a dynamic and innovative environment focused on growth and committed to compensating you competitively. We proudly work towards common goals that delight our customers, shareholders and employees, allowing us to reward individual contributions and team successes. We also believe your belly is the way to your brain, so be prepared for healthy nourishment and refreshments galore that will make you soar

Oh, and did we mention we have a staff store stocked with products at prices that will make you wonder why your wallet seems so full?  And it goes without saying, but thought we would mention it anyway, you will never have to worry about being bored!  We believe in having fun at work!

Think you're ready for Botaneco?

If everything you read makes you think yes please, check out our open positions below. Submit your cover letter and resume to quoting the position in the subject line.  

Be bold and boastful. Now, let's go!