We are a world leader because we fundamentally change how people care for themselves by what they put on their skin and in their bodies through the ingredients we develop. We are pushing the boundaries of oilseed innovation emphasizing naturalness, sustainability and environmental conscientiousness. As a result, we are enriching people’s health and well-being worldwide with the presence of our transformational innovations in oilseed production.

We know that strong business does not have to sacrifice a healthy environment. It is our commitment to operate in a way that protects the wellbeing of people and the planet, while maintaining the integrity of our products and process that we have worked tirelessly to create.

For Botaneco®, water is the heart of our business. Our entire manufacturing process is water-based. We do not use solvents or other harsh chemicals to extract the natural energy source of the seed – our sole extraction solvent is water. Water is also necessary to grow the oilseed ingredients on which we rely. As we work to establish a more sustainable business, water stewardship will be a core focus for Botaneco®. The other areas of focus for our sustainability and stewardship efforts is our carbon footprint and our energy consumption.

We know that our customers are also focused on the sustainability of their own operations and brands. As a supplier, it is our goal to drive sustainable improvements throughout the supply chain and to exceed the expectations of our customers’ sustainability programs. We recognize that business, people, communities, ecosystems, and economics are all integrated.


We are committed to providing the best, most sustainable ingredients to the personal care and food & feed industries. 


We are committed to working with our customers to provide sustainable solutions in the personal care and food & feed industries. 


We are committed to providing timely management review of sustainable business operating procedures and practices. We commit to track, measure, and report on our performance on the implementation of sustainable practices with a commitment of continuous improvement in these areas.  


We are committed to establishing, promoting, maintaining and improving a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility by staff, our supply chain, and broader stakeholders.


We will engage our employees in the same manner we have been successful in setting up our Safety Program in 2016. Volunteer employees from each of our business functions will comprise our Sustainability Committee and will meet once a month to review proposals or recommendations from departments on improving the sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of our operations.