Properties and Benefits

CapSol™ allows for a significant reduction in the UV actives required to achieve targeted SPF levels. CapSol™ technology has initially demonstrated success with the popular SPF sunscreen filters octyl methoxycinnamate (OMC – a UVB absorber) and avobenzone (a UVA absorber). The combination of these two sunscreens allows formulators to make broad spectrum claims in sun care formulations. CapSol™ formulations containing low amounts of OMC and avobenzone consistently show in vivo SPF values at or above desired SPF values with excellent long term stability. CapSol™ also enables formulators to add creativity to their projects, such as the addition of fragrance, preservative, colour and water soluble actives.

CapSol Sunscreen vs Commercial Sunscreen

SPF 15

SPF 30

SPF 50


A 20-person consumer panel study comparing a CapSol™ SPF 30 formulation (041-013) with a market leading SPF 30 product shows that a simple SPF formulation containing CapSol™ is preferred by the majority of panellists in all attributes measured as well as in overall preference. Testing was performed on a 20-person blind panel, with an equal amount of product applied to the back of each hand.