Technical Support

Patented Hydresia® oleosomes are all-natural, powerful emulsifiers with proven delivery systems in personal care. The following information is meant to guide and provide a general approach for formulators in using Hydresia® oleosomes.

Getting Started with Hydresia® Oleosomes

Viscosity: When using Hydresia® Oleosomes as a primary emulsifier, include thickeners to ensure the viscosity of the finished formulation is over 9000 cps (spindle 2) for optimal stability.

Shear: Limit shear to <500 rpm when adding oil phase ingredients to concentrated oleosomes. Once the water phase is added, in-line homogenization up to 3000 rpm is fine.

Temperature: Temperatures of up to 55°C is acceptable for all Hydresia® system products. Temperatures of 80°C are acceptable for up to one hour for Hydresia® Dulcé, SF2, and G2. Oleosomes are stable in freeze/thaw states in most formulations; however, the raw material should not be frozen.

pH: Hydresia® G2, SF2, and Dulcé can be formulated from pH 3.5-9. 

Alcohol: Use Hydresia® SF2 for high alcohol content formulations. 

Surfactants: Most surfactant systems are compatible, however avoid harsh anionics (e.g. SLS). 

Preservatives: Most preservatives are compatible, however avoid protein cross-linkers (e.g., DMDM hydantoin). 

Emulsification: Oleosomes have an HLB range of 5-15, with an optimal range of 8-13. 

Hydresia® Oleosomes as a primary emulsifier

The result and core advantage is an ‘emulsifier free’ natural and mild skincare product with superior aesthetics.

Recommended Ingredient: Hydresia® SF2
Typical use levels: 3-7% for most formulations

Tips: Use thickeners to increase viscosity of water and oil phase. Limit homogenization to minutes. Add water phase incrementally (10% at a time) to prepared oil phase.

Sample Formulation: Natural Moisturizing Cream (012-122 modified hot process).

Hydresia® Oleosomes in Surfactant Systems

The result and core advantage is a difference you can feel on your skin and light emulsification for improved stability.

Recommended ingredients: Hydresia® G2 / Hydresia® Dulce
Typical use levels: 3-8% for most formulations

Tips: Use mild surfactant systems (betaines, glucosides, SLES) or structured surfactants. Premix with your fragrance for solubilization, without requiring any synthetic emulsifiers (PEG, Polysorbate).

Sample Formulation: Natural Body Scrub (008-141 cold process).