Hydresia® Oleosome Technology

Oleosomes are specialized spherical organelles (1-3μ in diameter) found naturally in oil bearing plant seeds including safflower, almond and sunflower, that act as reservoirs to protect the emollient plant oil and vitamin E. In terms of benefits, oleosomes are a next-generation encapsulation system, capable of delivering emollient oil and Vitamin E to the skin over time for long-lasting moisturizing traits. In addition, oleosomes are capable of absorbing and protecting fragrances, essential oils and other unstable actives. 

Once oleosomes contact the skin, they begin to dry out and release their contents into the stratum corneum.  This includes the delivery of oils and Vitamin E.  Not all oleosomes collapse at once, giving the property of controlled release. 

In addition to delivery and emulsification benefits, oleosomes have shown the ability to maintain stability under a range of conditions over longer periods of time, allowing formulators to reduce active ingredients with no drop in efficacy.  This delayed release capability has benefits in many personal care product categories including skincare, suncare, baby products, sanitizers and cleansers, even in typical drying products such as alcohol-based hand sanitizers. 

Recognizing this spherical structure can act as both a delivery system and emulsifier in personal care in a completely natural way, Botaneco® introduced a proprietary gentle extraction process to safflower oilseeds to extract Hydresia® oleosomes intact.  Today Hydresia® oleosomes offer a difference you can feel in over 350 personal care products.

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