A Difference You Can Feel

What do you get when you combine an oilseed and a gentle, extraction process that does not require crushing, heat or the use of chemicals? Hydresia® Oleosomes, micron sized spheres of emollient plant oils and vitamin E.

Hydresia® Oleosomes are the only truly natural emulsifier on the market today possessing powerful skin hydration and multi-functional delivery system benefits. Hydresia® Oleosomes boast a unique, continuous moisture delivery system that is an all-natural alternative to chemical emulsifiers and irritating ingredients with its micro particles of skin softening oils and vitamins. A naturally superior system, Hydresia® Oleosomes allow the personal care industry to create better products that satisfy the emerging needs of consumers. The Hydresia® system offers a difference you can feel and is currently used in over 350 different personal care products globally.

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Hydresia® Oleosome Portfolio


Safflower oleosome delivery system that functions to improve the aesthetics of all formulations for unparalleled efficacy in personal care.

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Long-lasting moisturization and emulsifying traits as a result of delayed release of oils and vitamins, supplied by safflower oleosomes.

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Luxurious long lasting moisturization and emulsifying traits as a result of delayed release of emollient almond oil and vitamin E, supplied by sweet almond oleosomes.

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Hydresia® Formulations

Hydresia® Oleosomes are an elegant, innovative ingredient in many of the world’s most prestigious personal care and cosmetics products. Sourced from the timeless, sustainable safflower, Hydresia® Oleosomes harness nature’s energy into a powerful yet flexible solution for formulators.

In the role of emulsifier, Hydresia® Oleosomes provide a scientifically-superior solution that feels exceptionally mild on the skin. As an active delivery system, Hydresia® Oleosomes unique extended release characteristics provide formulations the ability to lengthen moisturization and enhance time-release properties.